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0603J2504P70CUT★Floyd's killing was recorded on video by a bystander and sparked worldwide protests as part of a broader reckoning over racial injustice.↮M39003/01-2645☈The deaths included Derby contender Wild On Ice. Two of the horses were trained by Saffie Joseph Jr. He was indefinitely suspended by the track, although investigators have yet to determine a cause for the deaths of his horses.➯


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0805J2500122JDT↤4:30 a.m.⇥FG28X7R1H474KRT00ⓥMARGARET BRENNAN: We have to take a break here. Senator, I want to talk to you on the other side of it about your recent trip to Ukraine and other issues. So please stay with us, more from Senator Kelly in one minute.♔


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4302-472G↚Yellen declined on Sunday to specifically state which bills would go unpaid.☠C1206C152J5GEC7210☼The total death toll is 43, because a further four people died after they and others were discovered starving at the Good News International Church last week.◘

あElectric bikes have become popular, non-gasoline-burning ways to make deliveries, commute and zip around a city that has promoted cycling in recent decades.☜


◢The findings from the agency's internal investigation come after researchers from Stanford University, the University of Michigan, the University of Chicago and the Treasury Department in January reported findings from a study that Black Americans are three to five times more likely to have their federal tax returns audited than taxpayers of other races.☃CAL45TB180K✣The work, Williams says, is often misunderstood. "We're not suggesting that [jurors] were racist," he says. "But the fact that the institution at the time discounted two of those voices on that jury meant that the process itself was not a fair process and was a Jim Crow era process."↸K271K10X7RH5TL2▣Florida's Parental Rights in Education law, known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, was signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis last year, allowing parents to weigh in about school lessons. The bill limits discussions on gender and sexuality in schools. Several other recent bills in the state would limit what is discussed in school settings – including one that limits teaching about menstruation.▔08053C472KAT2A▔A Twin Beach radioed in — 120 knots.◀

☂"His focus on African American leadership has shaped so much of how we have seen leaders engage over the last 30 years," Abrams told the Post.✄1812R-391H➝"I do believe the Texas laws are working as designed," she says. "I also believe that we have a responsibility to educate Texas women and families on the resources that we have available to them, both for their pregnancy, for childbirth and beyond, as well as in situations where they face an infant loss."✏

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