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✦Here's Emile Nakleigh again.▪1N4919A↔Your submission will be governed by our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the Privacy Policy says, we want you to be aware that there may be circumstances in which the exemptions provided under law for journalistic activities or freedom of expression may override privacy rights you might otherwise have. We will not use your submission in our story until we have communicated with you and obtained your consent to use the details that will be published.◊1808CA272KAT1A◊The U.S. hit its current debt limit — $31 trillion — in January.▢1206Y2000100FARˍAbrams entered the national spotlight nearly five years ago, becoming the first Black woman to earn a major party nomination for governor in the U.S. She ran again for governor in 2022, but lost to Republican incumbent Brian Kemp.☈

➚Policymakers are looking at these changing numbers and searching for ways to get closer to the pandemic-era free meals.☀RGF1MHE3/67A➩Corden reminded the singer that she has an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar and wondered if she would ever actively pursue a Tony Award. "You have the EGO" he said.◩


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1808Y0160473JCR↵About 13 hours across Ukraine by train, in the western city of Lviv, Bohdan Semenukha's mom, Viktoria, has taken a very different approach.╬0603J2002P20CUT◧Pippi's Place was started two years ago and is named after director Vicki Grizzard's black kitten, who she found abandoned and needing help. She named her Pippi, after the mischievous book character.▱


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QCCP501Q1R1B1GV001TThe committee is coming back as the country faces crises from social upheaval to climate change, "not to mention the fact that the arts and the humanities and related institutions have been under attack and have faced questions of relevancy," said Tsione Wolde-Michael, the committee's executive director. "What the committee is about is how the arts and humanities can really be a vehicle for positive social change."☃IHSM4825RE330L✄"We have to start thinking about the long game," Sununu told Republican donors at the Four Seasons Hotel in Nashville. "We get ourselves tied up in issues. I'm not saying they're not important, but they ain't making the team bigger."↱


♪"I'm here to reaffirm the US-Iraq strategic partnership as we move toward a more secure, stable and sovereign Iraq," Austin tweeted as he landed in Baghdad.↦GA1206Y821KBEBT31G●"Effective immediately, I, Mark Jennings do hereby resign as McCurtain County District #2 commissioner. I will release a formal statement in the near future regarding the recent events in our county," Jennings wrote.⇃1N2824A♥Stallings suffered a fractured eye socket and other injuries.▆0805Y0160331GCR✁What Pliskin and her colleagues face isn't unusual.☻

⇗"This is a small community and they just wanted to enjoy the birthday party," Allen told NPR member station Troy Public Radio.★GA1206A222FBABR31G⇆Salazar, who pleaded guilty last October, could have faced up to life in prison.☭


▣People who've been vaccinated with the injectable form of the polio vaccine, as have most in the U.S., can still carry and spread the virus to unvaccinated individuals.▷S4016NRP▱Yet, despite the panoramic coverage of a momentous modern historical period of the Indian subcontinent and the inclusion of vital East-West encounters in various plotlines, this is not a narrative of overt political resistance against the colonizers and their local accomplices. While Verghese sprinkles critical observations about how they exploited India, the Western characters are far from villainous caricatures. Towards the end, Verghese shows his sociopolitical leanings more clearly by bringing in the formative phase of the Naxalite movement as it spread from West Bengal to some parts of South India, including Kerala. Initially, this also reads like a parallel narrative deserving of an entire novel. Trust — Verghese loops it back smoothly onto the story's central spine.↘GRM1885C1H4R6CA01D♂The first-of-its-kind poll of about 7,000 adults was conducted in English and five other languages and sheds new light on how Asians — both immigrants as well as those born in the U.S. — see themselves and others.◊0805Y0161P00BCR▦Barrymore said she plans to pick up her hosting duties again next year.▫

◙Three others, who were injured, were taken to a hospital. Two additional people, who were inside the residence, were evaluated on scene and have since been released, the sheriff's office said in a statement.♠3090-101K✚That people continue to give weekly, if not daily, to the fundraiser is just one measure of the emotional power and connection that Hamlin has with so many. So far, they've given more than $9 million to a GoFundMe campaign and nearly a million to a second online fundraiser set up by The Giving Back Fund, a nonprofit which helps athletes and celebrities manage their charitable giving, according to Kelley Denny, a spokesperson for Hamlin's charity.▥


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