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♤In an interview with NPR's Morning Edition, Wall Street Journal reporter Khadeeja Safdar said the bank did not admit to wrongdoing as part of the settlement.→

┲Davis said the actions made by individuals with no relationship to Fox – or what he called "third parties' looniness" – could unfairly prejudice the jury against Fox. While jurors could hear about the mere existence of threats, Dominion attorneys could not discuss the fine details of them, the judge said.■


ⓞBarnett, 63, is a retired firefighter and former bull rider from Gravette, Ark. Prosecutors said he prepared for his trip to Washington for weeks, posting sentiments about his planned visit such as “I ain’t going down easy, [I’ll do] Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.” He also shared a digital flier that promoted “Operation Occupy the Capitol” and was subtitled “Taking back our country from corrupt politicians.”FQB19N10LTM▫"I was flummoxed," Carroll testified Thursday. She said she thought, "Wait a minute, can we actually speak up and not be pummeled?"♬06035C473MAZ2A⇝Many state legislatures and the U.S. Congress have similarly broad disciplinary powers. But that authority has been used sparingly. Before this week, the two most recent expulsions in Tennessee's House came via overwhelmingly bipartisan votes to excise members on criminal or ethical grounds, rather than a supermajority imposing its will.⏎RCE5C1H470J0DBH03A⇙He praised the skill and courage of the prosecutors who have worked on the Jan. 6 cases and said they had secured more than 600 convictions. Garland said that work would continue.↑

❐The indictment does not name the buyer, but separate state charges connect the case to Pennsylvania resident Jeremy Lee Pauley, age 40.◑FDC013P20L◊Jyoti Malhotra, a Delhi-based media critic, says everyone in India knows what a tax search means. "What they're saying is that you better fall in line," she explains. "This is not the first time that a media organization has been raided. What's surprising is that they went after a foreign organization, BBC, which is a household name in India and has a reputation for fairness and objectivity."◀

⊙Last year, Russia announced it had suspended peace talks with Japan to protest Tokyo's sanctions against Moscow over its action in Ukraine.⊙


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VJ0805D330KLAAP⊙A former auctioneer has pleaded guilty to selling fake Jean Michel-Basquiat paintings, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.⇕1206Y2000472MXR➡Abrams' appointment at Howard is the latest of high-profile faculty hires the university has made over the last few years.❈

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