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☁It's unclear what next steps Democrats will take. GOP lawmakers have also recently had absences due to medical issues. Maine independent Sen. Angus King told NPR he could see how "the situation may be reversed at some point in the reasonably foreseeable future."➮

▰Some mistakes are irreversible. Despite Angela Reynolds' best efforts on behalf of her mother, the bank foreclosed on the family home in the fall of 2018.↔


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CWR29HK106KCDC♩The previous record set for the highest annual contract value was by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who in 2020 signed a 10-year, $450 million extension.«CBR06C360JAGAC☂Last week when the World Health Organization ended its 3-plus year Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the emergency committee advising the WHO's Director General said it was time to do so because of "the decreasing trend in COVID-19 deaths, the decline in COVID-19 related hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions, and the high levels of population immunity to SARS-CoV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19]."❉


✉The training at Fort Sill was first reported by CNN.⇨C0603X910M1HAC7867▂That's because the family home was in foreclosure. The daughter hoped that if she explained to the judge that her mother had Alzheimer's disease, which had caused a series of financial missteps, then she could stop the seizure of the property.☞T495C227K006ZTE100↸El-Faham lost about $6,000 to the scheme.▒CMSH2-40 BK▧She took to the stage in Phoenix wearing a black T-shirt from the Bring our Families Home campaign.◇

¤This week, Hamburger Mary’s in Orlando had far fewer bookings than usual for its weekly “Broadway Brunch” on Sunday.●C0603X223J4REC7867►"I can tell you that the threats, the menacing, the terror that Jordan Neely introduced to that train has already been well documented," Penny told the Post.◊

♂In addition, prosecutors on Monday announced that eight Chinese government officials who are believed to be currently living in China were charged with directing an employee of a U.S. telecommunications company to remove Chinese dissidents from the company's platform.◘

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