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☪The lawsuit names the Newport News School Board and several school district officials, including former Superintendent George Parker III, as defendants.⇥C0402C201G3JAC7867▨ISLAMABAD (AP) — Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan can be held for eight days, a court ruled Wednesday, a day after the popular opposition leader was dragged from a courtroom and arrested on corruption charges, deepening the country's political turmoil.♞CDR31BP750BKYPAB♂The contest didn't actually break any laws, as the Canterbury chapter of the New Zealand SPCA noted on Facebook, adding that it was still "extremely concerned." Event organizers stressed that all hunters are required to abide by the country's firearm and animal welfare acts.☺UPA806T-T1-A▩Over the course of two weeks in a federal courtroom in New York City, jurors heard Carroll's story of a flirty-turned-violent encounter with Trump at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in the mid-1990s, at a time when her career as a writer and advice columnist was at its peak.☾

♚As NPR's Deirdre Walsh reports, the GOP bill would cap federal spending levels from those of two years ago, add a provision to put work requirements in place for adults without dependents who receive food assistance benefits, and include reforms for how new energy projects are permitted. It's very unlikely this would move forward in the Democratic-controlled Senate.♧RS1MDFQ-13↲All the victims were male and at least some of them were from Venezuela, Sauceda said.✿


▩I'm Michael Morell.  And this is a special episode of Intelligence Matters.◇C0805X221J1GACTU⇐The Paris prosecutor closed the case but after the families filed another complaint, an anti-terror judge was appointed to dig further into the case.☊BZX84B4V3-E3-18▫At midday, tens of thousands of people rushed into the streets for two giant funerals, with at least 10 bodies carried on stretchers in a mass procession in Gaza City. Children's coffins were carried next to those of their parents.ˍVJ0805D122MLXAR∷"I'm honored and humbled to represent my tribe. They are and always will be my inspiration," Lajimodiere said in an interview, following a bipartisan confirmation of her two-year term as poet laureate on Wednesday.♦

◀"Both parties have conveyed to the Saudi and U.S. facilitators their commitment not to seek military advantage during the 48-hour notification period after signing the agreement and prior to the start of the ceasefire," it said.◎CS160808-68NK↼The current violence came after Burhan and Dagalo fell out over a recent internationally brokered deal with democracy activists that was meant to incorporate the RSF into the military and eventually lead to civilian rule.☻

♦The nation is currently trying to determine why there's been an increase in school violence — and what can be done to prevent future tragedies. But for some, it's not enough. Rhyllary Barbosa de Sousa, the 15-year-old jiu-jitsu trained survivor, gives voice to what many Americans say:❀


✒It may sound fusilli to some, but the pasta price hike is no laughing matter in Italy.♪VJ0805A181GXAMC☟Migrants in central or northern Mexico who hope to be processed at a port of entry will need to prove they have a vulnerability identified by the government to merit an exemption to Title 42, which allows U.S. border officials to quickly expel migrants on public health grounds, without allowing them to request asylum.➜ZPY36-TR∴News of Baldwin's dismissal broke on the same day production of Rust resumed, 18 months after the shooting, at a new location, Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana.♜CDRH5D18BHPNP-4R2MC✤One in five Asian adults say they've hidden part of their heritage from non-Asians for fears of ignorance, prejudice, discrimination or other reasons.⊙

❁Republicans achieved a supermajority in Montana during the 2022 election and now control two-thirds of the state House and Senate, in addition to the governor's office.↞VJ0402D1R5DLXAP►He did not have to.◀


♥"That's the only thing I can do is take in her laughter, take in her silliness, her smiles, her hugs, everything," Parker said.⏎C0603C112K3JACAUTO✪Contacted by AFP, Czech authorities said they did not have information on the case.♥1330-30K♠The exact cause for the rapper's removal from the arena is still unclear, and the Kings say they are investigating why he was ejected.▧M39014/052079▥"I couldn't fathom putting myself in that situation [but] he was a cut above a lot of people when it comes to morals and sense of duty," Rumsey said.◐

ぃ"We appreciate that our customers have trusted us through the most important milestones in their lives – from going to college, to getting married, to settling into a new home, to having a baby," the company said in an email to shoppers on Sunday. "We have initiated a process to wind down operations."のWF110250WJ50238BJ1☌"One of the main [pieces of] feedback that I get is that, through the comics, you can kind of get more a visual idea of the story without having to view the violence directly," he said.❉

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