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♀Chinook salmon are the "largest and most highly prized" of all the salmon in the Pacific ocean, according to the council. But over the years, the species has become increasingly endangered as a result of drought, heat waves and agriculture.▣55081503400■He emphasized that the best way to get out of being attacked by a group of bees is to simply buzz off.⊙GA1210A102KXLAR31G❈They describe a dire situation in the city, with no electricity, water or medicine, as they cower amid the brutal urban warfare going on in their residential neighborhoods.☂FMMT458TC▁But speculation following the since-disbarred lawyer's recent life sentence for those killings helped Sandy Smith raise more than $87,000 to have her son's body re-examined in an investigation that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has said was never closed since the agency opened it in June 2021.●

«In the trial's second week, jurors heard from two friends who testified that Carroll had told them about the attack shortly after it happened. Carroll's lawyers also questioned two other women who had separately accused Trump of sexual assault, in an attempt to demonstrate a pattern of predatory behavior.◑1210Y2000392JDR✐Here's what happened: LSU forward Angel Reese celebrated the Tigers' fourth-quarter lead (and imminent victory) by waving one hand in front of her face — a gesture popularized by the wrestler as "You Can't See Me" — and tapping her ring finger while looking pointedly at Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark.▥


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CKG57NX7S1E476M500JH➺But it's also a vibrant neighborhood, abuzz with Afrobeat music blasting from big black speakers hooked up to radios in the shops. People shop for meat (hanging in the windows of butcheries), produce, electronics, and food cooked up on the spot.◦SISS32ADN-T1-GE3♤Texas is among a number of states where Republican lawmakers have given priority status this year to measures limiting the rights of transgender people. Earlier Wednesday, the Texas House also gave preliminary approval to a bill that puts restrictions on transgender college athletes.➥


▁Delcoure says her favorite ad is for Mr. Goodbar, "the 2023 Mini Pooper."▶GMC04CG100D50NT❃For Josie Caballero, the lack of an opportunity to identify as a trans woman on the 2020 census was disappointing.۰1808Y0100824JXT↹And now? "We've seen at least a 300% increase in profit," she said.✂GA1206A561KBCBR31G❂However, men don't seem to face a similar weight bias. Some studies even found that white males seen as overweight actually earn more. However, the wage penalty for women seen as overweight was consistent in each study.⇢

△Wiseman and Glover both have taken flights to the International Space Station, and were both captains in the U.S. Navy. Koch was an engineer and a scientific field worker before becoming an astronaut, and her 328-day stint in space set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. Hansen, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency, served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.♧C1206X390K4HACAUTO☺The Federal Communications Commission and National Association of Broadcasters praised the legislation, which is also backed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., Rep. Tom Kean, Jr., R-N.J., Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Wash., among others.§


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C1206C225K3PACTU◇While the United Kingdom isn't the only European country to have a royal family, its royals are the only ones who use regalia in coronations. Other monarchies, such as Norway and the Netherlands, have regalia on display but don't use it in ceremonies.⇡SVC230-TB-E⇧Jim Perry returned the fraying library book he found while cleaning his Napa, Calif., home unceremoniously, thinking it would just be fun for the library staff to look at.✦

❣Much of Krosoczka's memory of that week seems to have been mobilized by footage he saved from a camcorder he had taken along with him to document the week. Towards the end of the book and in an author's note following, he testifies to the continued investment he has had in many of the lives he first encountered there. The moral of the story — "Life can be hard and difficult, but it is also short," as he writes in his author's note — is no less powerful for its predictability. Here as elsewhere, Krosoczka has a talent for uncovering the bountifulness and grace that can emerge from harsh, and otherwise quotidian, realities. His is, indeed, an art of living live to the fullest.→

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