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♧Carter for years had been open about his substance abuse struggles, detailing his issues with inhalants in a 2019 episode of the talk show "The Doctors." He also said in the interview that he was taking medications for acute anxiety and bipolar disorder.✐

⇪While public backlash against Native American stereotypes has pushed professional sports teams in Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, Ohio, to change their names, there remain countless high schools across the U.S. that continue to use Native American-themed mascots and logos.⇃


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0201YA220JAQ2A▢The boy was the first migrant child to die in U.S. custody during the Biden administration, according to a report from NPR member station WLRN. At least six migrant children died in U.S. custody during the Trump administration.▆0505J2506P80HQT۰Spring is here and temperatures are heating up. That means cases of tick-borne illnesses, particularly Lyme disease, are on the rise in the U.S. And the problem is only being exacerbated by prolonged warmer weather across a wider swath of the country, driven by climate change.◄


✙"People can't just go and buy a new car necessarily," Douglas Heller, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America, told NPR. "There are a lot of people who can only afford a used car, and this might be an affordable vehicle that's otherwise probably pretty typical when it comes to risk."▬IHSM5832PJ6R8L➫"This is not the first time that health facilities have been targeted, and it is unacceptable," the ministry said of the damage to Al Dorra Pediatric Hospital, which it said caused panic and confusion.▓VJ0805Q560JFBAI◊The 39-year-old quarterback had been vocal for some time about his frustrations playing for the Packers, saying he should have been more involved in the direction of the team. And he explicitly talked about his plans to move to the Jets.♗GRM033R61A104KE15D♧My mom was an angel. She was a true angel. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her son. I saw all the social media reactions to my post. I've received so many direct messages on Twitter and Facebook, and I don't know 99 percent of the people who sent them. Those people were her patients, colleagues and friends. Some were even strangers. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors put an announcement on Twitter about my mom's death and people from all over showed up. They sent me their condolences and asked me if I needed anything. It's just in the Sudanese people's nature to support each other. My mom did so much good for people that I didn't even know about.▣

☁Samantha Irby is a people person. That is to say, she's a person who is fascinated by people — their obsessions, their hypocrisies, even the things they weirdly reveal about themselves in their anonymous, online product reviews.★173D335X9050X✄Both saw the emergence of the insurgency and then its growth.  And they saw it almost immediately, within weeks of the end of combat operations in April 2003.∷


◘DeSantis has been targeting curriculum and diversity programs in public schools and colleges that he's attacked as "woke indoctrination."ºC0603X270J1HACAUTO☞"We have a lot to celebrate, and it's so much more than the four names that have been announced. We need to celebrate this moment in human history," said Glover, Artemis II's pilot, during a Monday morning event to announce the crew. "Artemis II is more than a mission to the Moon and back. It's more than a mission that has to happen before we send people to the surface of the Moon. It is the next step on the journey that gets humanity to Mars."▌SC3DF-271☆The death comes just a week after a 17-year-old boy from Honduras died while being detained in Florida, at a facility for unaccompanied minors run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The agency did not release a cause of death.▨7447745033➝Russian authorities blamed Ukraine's military intelligence for Dugina's death, but Kyiv denied involvement.↘

▤The driver of the 4Runner eventually dislodged the vehicle's door, and Kemp, upon noticing, began walking toward the vehicle with his pistol and a verbal argument ensued. He then allegedly fired another shot at the 4Runner, and its driver exited the vehicle with their hands up and faced Kemp. Kemp walked back to his Porsche and both parties left, police said.◥C410C562G3G5TA☁It took a long, roundabout route to the moon following its December liftoff, beaming back photos of Earth along the way. The lander entered lunar orbit on March 21.♐


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