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▶Lora Golke, who leads donor engagement at the Arizona Community Foundation, said that many athletes and their families often underestimate the amount of work that it takes to run a nonprofit or foundation and the expertise and knowledge that is required.█C1206X279B8HAC7800♀The U.S. pledged one Patriot battery in December as part of one of several large military assistance packages it has provided Ukraine in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Germany pledged an additional Patriot battery. And on Tuesday, during a meeting with President Biden, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the Netherlands, too, would send a Patriot system to Ukraine.➡CGA2B3X5R1V333K050BB☢Under state law, all police officers in New Mexico are required to complete in-service training twice a year and report this to the state. But, according to a 2021 analysis provided by the New Mexico ACLU, during the during the last biannual training cycle "only 47 % of law enforcement agencies complied with state reporting requirements, with over half of agencies' compliance with statutory training requirements unclear."❃GA1812A223JXAAR31G⇖Investigators ruled Nichols' manner of death as a homicide, according to the report released Thursday by the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center.⇄

♭"Despite the gains we've made, deaths are still way too high," Scarpino notes. They're currently hovering around 1,100 a week, according to CDC data. There have been 1.1 million COVID deaths in total in the U.S. to date.❏T95Z226K020LZSL▢The employees who shared their experiences with the Times say they filed complaints with the league's human resources department and were overlooked by the league — telling the newspaper they were left feeling demoralized despite promises by officials to improve the workplace culture and working conditions for women in the league.♥


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4307-825K⇝In November 2021, Semhar Fisseha shared how her COVID-19 infection morphed into long COVID and upended her life. Once an active parent, she became debilitated and needed a wheelchair for a time.◊CDRH4D28NP-2R7NC◁"It's colorless, it's odorless," Zahringer says. "Most families don't know if they're drinking arsenic."⇆


ぃMore than 11,000 officers were deployed across the capital on Saturday, and the force's chief, Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, had cautioned earlier this week that on the streets near the ceremony there would be a "very low tolerance for disruption."♛ELJ-NK39NAF☾"There were errors, there were misunderstandings that culminated in a tragedy. But the fact that we have a victim in a tragedy does not mean there's a villain. Villain, to me, requires bad intent and my client, I don't believe – the facts will show – that he had bad intent," he said.▶GCM155R72A471JA37D➳More students and families are turning to schools for mental health support. Software that scans young peoples' words, and by extension thoughts, is one approach to taking the pulse on youth mental health. But, it can't take the place of human interaction, Nock said.✯VJ0402Y562JXXPW1BC♗Lora Golke, who leads donor engagement at the Arizona Community Foundation, said that many athletes and their families often underestimate the amount of work that it takes to run a nonprofit or foundation and the expertise and knowledge that is required.❉

◨To conduct the research, several young women called 34 hospitals in the state with a script, saying they were pregnant for the first time, trying to decide which Oklahoma hospital to go to for care, and wanting to understand the hospital's policies and processes for providing abortions if pregnancy complications arose. "It's called the 'secret shopper' methodology – we called it a 'simulated patient' methodology," says Dr. Michele Heisler, professor at the University of Michigan and medical director of Physicians for Human Rights, who is one of the study's authors.Ю2N3415⊞You are the keeper of your own health and the best authority on your own risk factor.ⓛ


➹Magical schools have always been a staple of the fantasy genre, but these days, I find that it's hard to read a boarding school setting without considering the inherent colonial undertones of such institutions, even when they're imaginary. To Shape a Dragon's Breath cuts right to the chase and is about that, offering a scathing rejection of the idea that there is one right way for a person to be educated. The idea that a creature like a dragon is also something that could be colonized, and that there is power in honoring Indigenous ways of knowledge keeping and working harmoniously with the forces of nature rather than seeking to dominate them is a brilliant approach that brings something truly current to the genre. To Shape a Dragon's Breath is also a very entertaining and fun read, full of loveable characters and intricate, original worldbuilding. I tore through it, caught up in an enthusiasm for dragons that I hadn't experienced since I was a teenager obsessed with Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea and Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I can only hope that there will be more stories set in this engaging new world.♣FDPF51N25YDTU⊞The discovery of a potential antidote for death cap poisoning came seemingly out of nowhere. For Pringle and Brewer, who were not involved with the antidote discovery, the results came as a surprise.✆CBR06C680F5GAC☆That could backfire for Anheuser-Busch. Other companies will not shy away from efforts to diversify their own consumer bases, she said. "We will continue to see the inclusion of more diverse people in ads and marketing. That's not going away," Shanahan said.➹1825Y0500563KCR▩Netflix is rolling out its crackdown on password sharing, more than a year after the pivot was first announced.↔

£She ended up at emergency services, but the tests showed that she was in good shape like "an astronaut."❤C325C390KAG5TA7301❒In his first interview since placing Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold, former U.S. Marine Daniel Penny insisted that the confrontation between the two "had nothing to do with race," and he was "not a white supremacist."❣


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KSC2859YMTF☆The U.S. president's trip to Europe also comes amid new concerns, expressed publicly by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that China is considering providing Russia with lethal aid to bolster its efforts in Ukraine.☆MCK700-14IO1W▤The indictment alleges that Davis "willfully caused bodily injury to the victim and attempted to do so through the use of a knife, because of the victim's race and national origin," the DOJ and U.S. attorney's office said.➲


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