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➸"Somebody make some noise for the legend Mr. Willie Nelson!" Snoop shouted mid-song.►


⇛While reform advocates have cheered the latest developments in Oregon, many crime victims are feeling dread. In testimony before the state legislature last year, witnesses told lawmakers in sometimes painful detail that allowing prosecutors to revisit convictions would needlessly retraumatize them.↬CM02CG2R0B25AH☢Carlos Fuentes, spokesman for the first aid group Rescue Commandos, also confirmed the deaths.↹MA0603CG250G500✲The lawsuit contains one claim related directly to the alleged rape and a second claim stemming from remarks Trump made about Carroll's claims last October.↟MCH6307-TL-E♟The following year, he had a 24-8 season with a 1.82 earned run average and 301 strikeouts over 312 innings. He won the AL Cy Young and MVP Awards, becoming the fifth player in history to win both honors in the same year.¤

▓But to everyone's shock, police found nothing.➧1638R-00H☜Michigan State Police 1st Lt. John Grimshaw called Burns' actions "extraordinary" and said he likely prevented his sister from being harmed further during the May 10 incident.▄


↝BERLIN — Five people go on trial in Germany on Wednesday accused of planning a far-right coup and plotting to kidnap the country's health minister.➦CDR32BP470BKUSAC◥The U.S. case and most of the current outbreaks in Africa (which was declared a polio-free continent in 2020) are linked to vaccine-derived strains of the virus. These strains were originally part of oral polio vaccine. They were shed in human stool from those who'd been inoculated and mutated in the wild, regaining strength and becoming just as dangerous as the original virus.▧1206Y0100151KCR】Nadal has played the sport professionally for 22 years and has tied the record with Novak Djokovic for the most men's singles Grand Slam titles, at 22, including wins at 14 French Opens, two Australian Opens, four U.S. Opens and two Wimbledons.✄C0805C225K8PACTU✃A simultaneous airstrike on Bahtini's home in eastern Gaza City killed two teenage sisters living in the apartment next door, the rights group said.⇋

◥NPR's Tom Goldman contributed to this report.○0505J0500110JQT⊙For what it's worth, we were mostly right on the missile judgment.○


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1206CA151JAT1A⇄While crossing into the U.S. between ports of entry is illegal, U.S. asylum law allows migrants on American soil to request asylum, regardless of how they entered the country. But the government has used Title 42 to partially suspend asylum law, expelling hundreds of thousands of migrants without a court hearing or an interview. Migrants have also been generally blocked from seeking asylum at ports of entry under Title 42.⇔S6S2RP▤He and crew mate Walter Watson were flying above Southern California. Planes were checking in with air traffic control to learn their ground speed.◎

❏Nelson's musical diversity was another evening theme.✿

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