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☢Elaine Brown, former Black Panther Party chairwoman, urged people to express their frustrations through demonstrations.◈


■But the repercussions have not stopped there. If the Dobbs decision was a huge victory for anti-abortion forces, it was also a clarion call to action for abortion rights supporters. Shortly after the Dobbs ruling, the Gallup Poll found opinion on the issue had shifted nationally in favor abortion rights, with 55% calling themselves "pro-choice" – the highest such reading in decades.♂VCA105-18IO7ღPolice Chief Harvey said: "I hope it goes without saying that our deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims."◙GBU6DL-5302E3/45►The easiest way to explain this eventful episode might be to start by talking about where all our characters end up, and then we'll explain how they all got there over the course of a trip to L.A.↯2220Y2K50392JXT▦Trump, a front-runner in the Republican presidential field ahead of the November 2024 election, is under investigation for his efforts to overturn the election results which included pressuring Pence to not certify the results of the election, a largely ceremonial role for the vice president. Pence declined to entertain that idea, paving a way for a split between the two men. Pence is also exploring a presidential run in 2024.♝

◑Credit Suisse's shares soared as much 30% on Thursday after it announced it will move to shore up its finances by borrowing up to nearly $54 billion from the Swiss central bank, bolstering confidence as fears about the banking system moved from the U.S. to Europe.◑SI7945DP-T1-E3◥But for residents like Nina Jochnowitz, the noodles' unexplained appearance was the last straw.❉


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1808J2500272FFR➹Emergency workers scrambled to treat over 200 injured runners and fans. Law enforcement agencies launched a manhunt for the perpetrators. And Americans, glued to their phone and television screens, watched for hours, waiting for the confusion and chaos to unfurl into a narrative.▄CMZ5930B TR13↦RATHER: Good evening. He said he wouldn't. There's no indication he did. No indication Saddam Hussein left Iraq tonight – the deadline for avoiding a U.S. invasion. An invasion that could come as soon as tonight.⇤

➮Illinois is surrounded on all sides by states categorized as "restrictive" or "most restrictive" by the The Guttmacher Institute. And after Roe v. Wade was overturned last June, the state has administered an average 1,140 more abortions each month, according to a #WeCount report released by the Society of Family Planning.◎


♕President Biden used a commencement address at Howard University to appeal to young Black voters, offering a preview for how his campaign plans to regain waning enthusiasm from a key demographic.➤CC0805KRX7R9BB154☺Baldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins during a rehearsal when the gun when off, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.卐M39003/01-3110/TR☪"There's no question that extremism is a factor in Brazilian politics, just as it is here," said Michael McKinley, who served as ambassador to Brazil in the Trump administration.↘VJ0805Q560KFAAI◢Trump himself did not invoke the name of Bryan, but some around him did. His chief strategist Steven Bannon told the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference that Trump was "probably the greatest speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan."▂

◘It would allow the FDA's original approval of mifepristone to remain in place, the panel said. But the panel also allowed Kacsmaryk's injunction to remain in effect on the FDA's later actions on mifepristone, including the expansion to 10 weeks of pregnancy and telehealth access — a decision that could greatly diminish access to the drug.▊F950G156MPAAQ2➷Schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, canceled Wednesday classes because the storms were expected to move through the area during the morning rush, KFVS-TV reported.✦

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