NEW & Original F1T2G A1G

By:Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America

♔Erdogan, 69, told supporters in the early hours of Monday that he could still win. He said, however, that he would respect the nation's decision if the race went to a runoff on May 28.↭


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12101C562KAT2A£What's happening where you are?▉HER205G-TPのThe lockers — purple, green and yellow with name tags on the front: Sofiia, Daniel, Bohdan — are still filled with children's belongings: shoes, backpacks and a drawing of a snowman.☁


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C1210C301K8HACAUTO▒“We are waking up to a rather disturbing scene across Guam. What used to be jungle, looks like toothpicks. It looks like a scene from the movie ‘Twister,’ with trees just thrashed apart,” warning coordination meteorologist Landon Aydlett said. “Most of Guam is dealing with a major mess that’s going to take weeks to clean up.”☁LQH55DN681M03L▢"That will never change, regardless of what happens in Tallahassee," tweeted Mayor Jane Castor of Tampa.♧

➣TULSA, Okla. — Preliminary autopsy reports show eight members of an Oklahoma family found dead inside their burning home were each shot.⇉

⇌Legislators last year did extend for another two years telehealth flexibilities that were introduced as COVID-19 hit, leading health care systems around the country to regularly deliver care by smartphone or computer.♝


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