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☠Teenager Ralph Yarl was shot and injured after ringing the wrong doorbell in Missouri. Kaylin Gillis, 20, was fatally shot when her friends' car pulled into the wrong driveway in upstate New York. And two high school cheerleaders in Texas were injured, one critically, after one accidentally got into the wrong car after practice.◙


⇪In one of the released texts body cameras are mentioned. Discussing an arrest made with the neighboring police department of Pittsburg, Calif., whose officers did have cameras, an officer wrote: "If Pitt didn't have all those body cams and that was us ... we would have f&*ked him up more."⇍2225Y2000120JCR✃Making matters worse are the Mudges, who turn out to be violent criminals dead set on tormenting Adelaide, and a cabal of wealthy, white townspeople — sort of a chamber of commerce from hell — who are, to say the least, decidedly unfriendly to anyone they consider outsiders. Adelaide knows she has to stop her family's secret from its killing spree, and she's helped by the Prices, along with some other people in the area: a Black woman named Bertie Brown and her partner, Fiona Wong, both of whom are dealing with struggles of their own.卐0805YA272KAT2A☚It did not provide an estimate of how long the review might take.◐0603Y0160122JXR☣Those five unhappy minds are the focus of The New Earth, Row's novel about an American family that has imploded, one that's broken, possibly irretrievably. It's a stunning book, a high-wire balancing act that tries to do a lot — and succeeds.↪

▫In a video he shot from across the street, someone off-camera yells, "Guard! 911! 911! There's a building collapsing on Ann Street," followed by the sound of something crumpling. About 45 seconds later, two women run out, saying the building fell while they were inside it. A man stands on a fire escape as bystanders try to figure out how to help him get down. He eventually did, Scott said.♦1025-70K◘But for residents like Nina Jochnowitz, the noodles' unexplained appearance was the last straw.₪


⇡Eig says he realized the interview's original transcript didn't contain the widely cited quote as he was reading through archives at Duke University while researching his book, King: A Life, which comes out on Tuesday. (Eig spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep about the new biography.)▪CDR32BP101BJURAP◨"The defendant used 'casting' that involved prayer and energy work," Blake told the jury, according to East Idaho News. "Often this casting didn't work and the beliefs evolved to zombies. A common theme was the body had to be destroyed."⚘GA1206A391JBLBR31G↝Credit Suisse is "a much bigger concern for the global economy" than the midsize U.S. banks that collapsed, said Andrew Kenningham, chief Europe economist for Capital Economics.↨CMD6D11BNP-150MC→The odd coalition has prompted charges from Erdogan that it wouldn't be able to govern if it won.⏎

☄Five former Memphis police officers — Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith — were terminated by the department at the end of January. Each of the five terminated officers belonged to a team known as the SCORPION unit, which was deactivated soon after Nichols' death.▫GJM0335C1H3R3BB01D☻An investigation has been opened for involuntary injury, at least initially sidestepping possible criminal intentions. A gas explosion was among the avenues of investigation, the prosecutor added.❄

☼As of February, the program was staffed with just 300 psychologists. São Paulo's current government has since suspended the program until it can hire enough professionals to see all those in need. It has also promised to hire another 5,000 mediators to help prevent violence in schools. Currently there are 500.▤


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2SK3570-ZK-E1-AZⓔFor example, one chart puts the Ukrainian death toll at around 71,000, a figure considered plausible. However, the chart also lists the Russian fatalities at 16,000 to 17,500. The Russian count is believed to be much larger, though neither side releases overall casualty figures.✡1206J1000123JDR◦That could backfire for Anheuser-Busch. Other companies will not shy away from efforts to diversify their own consumer bases, she said. "We will continue to see the inclusion of more diverse people in ads and marketing. That's not going away," Shanahan said.◥


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