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▬The 15-page report also found that some of the beleaguered jails continued to wrestle with overcrowding and staff retention. At least six facilities faced chronic overcrowding and the number of correctional officers dropped by nearly 20% between 2019 and 2022 – a loss of 250 employees.ΘVJ0603A271GXBCW1BC☏Other seaweed gatherers from Chinna Palam who are younger and more able, have a different working style.√12106C105KAT2A۰The first call to police from the school came from its deputy principal, reporting the violence — but Milić said a second call came from the suspect himself, who told police he had just shot several people. By then, the suspect had gone to the schoolyard to wait for officers to arrive.1812Y0500121KAR➷She was directed by the hospital that provided her emergency care to follow up with an orthopedist, recounted Kelly Althouse, the patient's insurance agent, who works near Reading, Pa. Althouse's client spent hours calling orthopedic doctors listed in the provider directory of her new health plan from insurer Ambetter Health, a national carrier that in 2019 started offering ACA plans in Pennsylvania. Several doctors said they weren't part of the network, despite being listed by the company, Althouse said. It took about 15 tries before her client found an in-network doctor who would see her.↞

↟The Texas Department of Public Safety opened an investigation into a half a dozen officers for wrongdoing but officially cleared almost all of them. DPS chief Col. Steven C. McCraw has said he would personally resign if his agency “as an institution” failed Uvalde. He insists it did not.↝1206Y0503P00HQTˍSome of McCarthy's House colleagues have suggested the government should not raise the debt ceiling at all. Whether they are simply anti-Biden, or anti-Democratic Party or anti-government, they do not want to be bulldozed into a deal.↿


➮"Among other things, enforcement of the law at issue should not be forbidden by the federal courts without any explanation," Justice Alito wrote in his dissent, adding: In "the circumstances present here—where a divided panel of a lower court has enjoined a duly enacted state law on an important subject without a word of explanation, notwithstanding that the District Court granted summary judgment to the State based on a fact-intensive record—the State is entitled to relief."▫0201YA560JAT2A√For Kristin and her team of analysts working on Iraq's links to terrorism, making judgments was not just important – it was also difficult.┱1812J0100684MXT↤A video advertising the encounter was posted to Zoo Miami social media accounts in March.❧AO6810✯Istanbul resident Meral Cildir, 64, sits on the board of the Turkish Human Rights Association. She's excited by Kilicdaroglu's pledge to restore Turkey's former parliamentary form of government, which Erdogan successfully converted into a strong presidency in a 2017 referendum.◢

➹MSF premises in Nyala, South Darfur have been looted, including one of our warehouses. This is a structure that should be protected, it's for humanitarian purposes, there is no justification for it to be targeted.❈C1206X362J1HAC7800✉The announcement of a soon-to-be named replacement has been expected, as the billionaire has suggested repeatedly that he does not intend to lead the company permanently.➫

↯In a statement posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page on Monday, one of its co-owners wrote that the bill “has nothing to do with children, and everything to do with the continued oppression of the LGBTQ+ community.”◫

➨MATAMOROS, Mexico — About two dozen makeshift tents were set ablaze and destroyed at a migrant camp across the border from Texas this week, witnesses said Friday, a sign of the extreme risk that comes with being stuck in Mexico as the Biden administration increasingly relies on that country to host people fleeing poverty and violence.☆


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DD171N16KKHOSA1♦The Congress built its campaign by targeting Modi's party over rising inflation, allegations of corruption and poor infrastructure development in the state, while promising electricity subsidies, rations to poor families, and financial assistance to unemployed graduates.§C0603X332J8JACAUTO➢The legislation is worded vaguely and does not specifically mention drag performances. It defines an adult live performance as any show including nudity, sexual content, or lewd exposure to “prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts.”▧

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