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⇞The Yanaquihua mining company said in a statement that 175 workers had been safely evacuated after the accident, which happened late Friday or early Saturday. It said the 27 dead worked for a contractor that specializes in mining.➱C2012CH1H102K060AA↡"I remember Abhishek asked me, 'Mum, do you still love me?' and 'Mum, are you angry with me?'" she recalls.웃GQM1875C2E130JB12D☆The new dress code comes on in the wake of several anti-LGBTQ bills and laws that have been introduced in the state over the last few years.T494B225M025AT☁SYDNEY — A team of explorers announced it found a sunken Japanese ship that was transporting Allied prisoners of war when it was torpedoed off the coast of the Philippines in 1942, resulting in Australia's largest maritime wartime loss with a total of 1,080 lives.□

▓A police report following Abe's shooting concluded that with better planning and on-site security, Abe's killing could have been prevented.×C335C563J1G5TA7301☀Built around the theme "Called to Serve," the coronation service will begin with one of the youngest members of the congregation — a Chapel Royal chorister — greeting the king. Charles will respond by saying, "In His name and after His example, I come not to be served but to serve."♡

☍The Titanic site has been designated as a maritime memorial, which makes preservation even more important. And Weirich says research on everything from its rate of deterioration to the microbial environment can be applied to other such sites worldwide.❈

⇠By "they," Kirsch means a network of pharmaceutical companies, governments, doctors and journalists that he argues are covering up a pandemic-driven plot to poison the world for profit.ぃ


✄"There's a 62% chance that El Niño will develop during the May–July period, and more than 80% chance of El Niño by the fall," according to NOAA's Emily Becker.◦CKC33C473GDGACAUTO☆In fact, our planet's tilt is making this circle over the course of 26,000 years, which is why the North Star, or Polaris, won't be our North Star forever. In 12,000 years, it will be another star, Vega.▐TAP227K006CRW◙The department added that motive has not been determined and remains under investigation.❈CDR32BP681BKUS-ZANAW▦The indictment of former wrestler Ted "Teddy" DiBiase Jr., 40, of Madison, Mississippi, was unsealed Thursday, two days after it was issued by a grand jury in Jackson. During a brief court appearance Thursday, he pleaded not guilty.↘

Risher had only taken over the reins at Lyft this week, replacing the company's founders John Zimmer and Logan Green. But during an all-staff meeting a few weeks ago, Risher told employees that layoffs "were in the air."«SGL41-20/1◈"[FBI agents] want you to know that if you pay a ransom to what is deemed a terrorist organization, you can open yourself up down the line to a fine," he says.▥


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GCM1885C1J362JA16D✑Navalny has faced unrelenting pressure from Russian authorities, and has been in and out of isolation in a tiny punishment cell. He is allowed to write letters or have his lawyers visit occasionally.✥CDR32BP390BKZMAT◐Other deaths from the storms that hit Friday night into Saturday were reported in Alabama and Mississippi.↑

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