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2220AC332MAT1A◎The decorated Vietnam War veteran had survived prostate cancer and hepatitis C behind bars when a judge granted him early release late last year.⇣IXKC13N80C♭ ➲

➩Russia's Foreign Ministry twice blocked consular access to Gershkovich — linking the move to the U.S. not issuing American visas to Russian journalists traveling with Lavrov to the United Nations in New York in April.↘


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LQW18AN17NG80D♭A state of emergency was issued in Utah on Tuesday after record levels of snow have started to melt, causing flooding, Gov. Spencer Cox said.▤VJ0603A181FXQPW1BC☚When a federal judge ruled last Friday that the Food and Drug Administration had improperly approved the abortion medication mifepristone in 2000, it put access to the drug in jeopardy. The medical community considers the medicine safe and effective based on years of data and clinical experience.▲


£"You have to go back and reckon with the sins of the past if you want the people of your state and of your city to believe and trust in the system," Williams says.⊙1808Y2000561KCR☞"The cost of living was so extremely high in trying to raise my grandson that I just got behind," she says.❤STL160NS3LLH7◐Thomas Bollyky, senior fellow for global health, economics and development at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that a public health emergency is "really designed to spur international cooperation around a public health event that is serious, sudden, unexpected and requires immediate attention."◣SIPC03S2N03LX3MA1↩Context to know: Publishers and free speech advocates, including some from conservative media, warn that the bill would dramatically change how journalists do their jobs. Opponents say a provision that presumes reporting cited to anonymous sources is false could make it harder for journalists to investigate corruption and sensitive topics.↢

▐Usually, the travelers have Texas license plates.❀1812R-684H♚"The move will enable the mission to postpone shutting down a science instrument until 2026, rather than this year," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said this past week.♦

◘The book has since been placed in a display case near the library’s entrance, beside pictures of the reading room and the Carnegie Building. It is turned to the back cover, showing the return-date stamp.☋


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